Before you play

Before you play the game that you have downloaded from this website, there are a few extra things or configurations that I strongly recommend or advise you to do to ensure the best experience without any trouble or problems that may occur when you play the game. So please follow step by step the instructions I gave below.

What you need
  • Locale Emulator (strongly recommended): This application is strongly recommended by me, especially when you are playing a Japanese game. why? because some of the Japanese games are only available in the Japanese region, and to play these games, you need a computer that has a special environment. You can provide that special environment via Windows Update DLC, where you must download the Japanese DLC pack and make some configuration on your time and date setting, but the size is kind of big and it’s such a hassle to set the configuration, so Locale Emulator is the perfect option that we have. You just need to install it, and whenever you want to play this Japanese game, just right-click on the file > Locale Emulator > Run in Japanese (admin), and you’re done, the game should play properly.
  • RPG Maker (strongly recommended): This application is strongly recommended by me, especially when you want to play RPG-based games. Basically, RPG Maker is an RPG Library asset used by the game to run properly. Without this application, you can’t play the game properly or entirely.
  • AIO Runtimes (strongly recommended): This application is strongly recommended by me. If you didn’t know what to install so your game can run properly, then AIO Runtimes is good news for you because, basically, AIO Runtimes is a driver pack for Hentai games. Just run the program and it will install everything you need to play the game.
Download everything you need in one GO!

As I mentioned before, there is some preparation before you are able to play the game smoothly without any trouble, and maybe many of you are wondering where you can get all you need with safety and trustworthiness without any malicious things included, so I come to solve your problem and provide you with all you need to play the game in one bundle. You can download it below.

Extra Note: Important to Know
  • Sometimes, but rarely, the antivirus will be triggered and falsely mistake the file as a virus or threat. If this happens, please don’t panic and don’t throw your PC or laptop out of the window. Stay calm and disable your antivirus; it will solve the problem.
  • A local emulator is needed to play Japanese games.
  • RPG Maker is needed to play RPG Games, especially the old ones.
  • Don’t install your games into your system directory (Drive C) because sometimes it will appear in your quick menu (Windows 10 users) and that’s embarrassing. Also, it’s easier to delete the game if you didn’t install it in the system directory, and lastly, to avoid permission conflicts with your system administrator.
  • Don’t name your folder too long or use non-Unicode characters; it will cause an error.
  • The password for the archive, zip, or rar is”
ERROR – Problem occurred
0xc0000…etcinstall all applications on the “what you need” section.
??????? or random lettersinstall Locale Emulator, change the folder name to alphabet without Non-Unicode character.
blue window with ??????? (syntax error)install all applications on the “what you need” section and run with Locale Emulator.
XXXXXXXX.dll is missing (any missing error)install all applications on the “what you need” section, especially AIO Runtimes.
ISDone.dllinstall all applications on the “what you need” section and turn off your anti-virus.
Corrupt file or wrong passwordyou input the wrong password. remember the correct password is “”
NTFS file system supportsdon’t install it on a flash disk or system drive (C drive), put it on D: or E: drive, and check if your HDD or SSD is NTFS and not FAT
Access is deniedPUT YOUR FUC*ING FILE IN D: or E: drive AND NOT IN C: drive
Exceed 260 charactersyour folder name or the path folder is too long, make it short and simple.
The file is corruptREDOWNLOAD~
Update your WinRAR to the newer version, minimal is 5.0+, and if still fail, REDOWNLOAD~if the file is divided into many parts like part1, part2, part3, and so on, extract it by order from part1 to the last part
Unexpected end of archiveREDOWNLOAD~
Unknown format or damagedUpdate your WinRAR to the newer version, minimal is 5.0+ and if still fail, REDOWNLOAD~
Lost save fileStart extraction from the previous volume