“If it’s fun, then just do it.”

-Chise Haruna-

Hello, hello, how are you? It’s me, Chise Haruna, the admin and the only admin of this website. well… Basically, I don’t have many things to talk about, and in the first place, I’m not a talkative person, so the only thing that I can talk about is the reason why I made this website.

If you ask me the reason, then the answer is very simple: it’s just because “I want to do it”, Very cliche and classic, right? Don’t worry, I also think like that, but that is the real reason, so I can’t help it.

After all, I also have a problem with storage space, because my collection is kind of too much, my hard disk and my SSD start to become red, and I need some space to install a new game, but I didn’t want to delete my old games because it’s kind of sad for me; they give me pretty much good memories.

So I decided to buy some online storage (Google Drive) and upload all my old games there so I could get some free space to install a new game, and at the same time, I didn’t need to delete my old game either. But it feels wasted that this massive collection is only enjoyed by me, so I decided to share it; after all, people often say “sharing is caring”.

soo… Yeah, that’s it. The reason why I made this website is basically just because I wanted to do it. I hope you can enjoy the content of my website. If you encounter any trouble, don’t be shy and go ahead to reach me via contact me or my social media.