“If it’s fun, then just do it”

-Chise Haruna-

hello, hello, how are you? it’s me Chise Haruna, the admin and the only admin of this website. well…basically I don’t have many things to talk about, and in the first place, I’m not a talkative person so the only thing that I can talk about is the reason why I made this website.

if you ask me the reason, then the answer is very simple, it’s just because “I want to do it”, very cliche and classic right? don’t worry cause I also think like that but that is the real reason so I can’t help it hahaha…

after all, I also have a problem with storage space matter, cause my collection is kinda too much, my hard disk and my SSD start to become red and I need some space to install a new game, but I didn’t wanna delete my old game cause it’s kinda sad for me, they give me pretty much good memories.

so I decided to buy some online storage (google drive) and uploading all my old games there so I can get some free space to install a new game and at the same time, I didn’t need to delete my old game either. At the same time, it feels wasted that this massive collection only enjoyed by me so I decided to share it, after all, people often said “sharing is caring”.

soo…yeah, that’s it, the reason why i made this website is basically just because i want to do it, i hope you can enjoy the content of my website, if you encounter any trouble, don’t be shy and go ahead to reach me via contact me or my social media, bye see ya~